• The rear view of an airplane, showing the engines and wings.
  • 2 small passenger planes parked at the regional airport.
  • A small biplane sits parked in front of a hanger that reads Brownwood Elev 1386
  • An aerial view of the regional airport.
  • An empty waiting room with coffee, paper cups and chairs.
  • Empty blue chairs in 3 rows in the airport waiting room
  • The view of the airport waiting room as seen from the coffee island.
  • A photo of the outside of the Terminal 2 building with the words Brownwood Regional Airport on it.
  • The outside of the Brownwood Regional Airport Terminal Building.
  • 2 black office chairs, a computer and a copy machine in the airport control office.
  • A rectangular conference table and black office chairs in the empty conference room.
  • Small planes fill the airport hanger.

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