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Rentable Facilities

The City of Brownwood Community Facilities is managed by David Withers, Facilities Manager, Kevin Dearing, Assistant Facilities Manager, and Yoena Johnston, Parks & Facilities Secretary.

Facilities Information and Reservations about the Brownwood Coliseum  may be obtained by calling (325) 646-3586 or emailing Here

* The following facilities that show to have a hyperlink below, are linked to YouTube videos provided by the Brownwood Chamber of Commerce.   (used with permission)

Adam Street Community Center
Depot Civic & Cultural Center
Brownwood Coliseum
Coliseum Annex
Bennie Houston Recreational Center
Lehnis Railroad Museum
Pavilions of Brownwood Parks Department
I. Brownwood Coliseum - 500 East Baker

a) Main Arena - 12,587 sq ft with the main floor being 126 feet in diameter
b) Balcony Area - 2,961 balcony seats

This facility has eight foot banquet tables, five foot round tables, metal chairs, 4ft x 8ft stage tables, basketball/volleyball floor with goals and locker rooms, sound system, 48 channel lighting system, and curtains suspended from ceiling, pipe/drapes for booths and leased concessions.
Coliseum Fee Rate (set by Ordinance No. 14-17)

II. Depot Civic & Cultural Center - 600 East Depot          

a) Ballroom - 37ft x 70ft = 2,590 sq ft
b) Kitchen Area - one commercial refrigerator, one small chest freezer, two ovens, one (3 drawer) warmer, and two microwaves.
c) Scale room - 30ft x 38ft = 1,140 sq ft
d) Room next to scales - 25ft x 38ft = 950 sq ft
e) End room - 22ft x 26ft = 572ft sq ft

This facility also includes full podium, projection screen, overhead projector, small stage, portable sound system, rectangular tables, round tables, and chairs.

III. Adams Street Community Center - 511 East Adams Street

a) Room A is now utilized by the Brown County Elections Office
b) Room B is now utilized by the Brown County Elections Office
c) Room C - 20ft x 40ft = 800 sq ft (can be rented with kitchen area by opening bi-fold wall)
d) Kitchen Area - 20ft x 31ft = 620 sq ft (can be rented with Room C area by opening bi-fold wall) area includes two refrigerator/freezers, 3 ovens, 2 microwaves, dish washer, can opener, and coffee maker.
e) Auditorium Area - 46ft x 70ft = 3,220 sq ft area includes a sound system, baby grand piano and small stage.

This facility also includes full podium, half podium, projection screens, overhead projectors, rectangular tables,  round tables, and chairs.                                                 

VI. Bennie Houston Recreation Center - 505 Cordell.

Monday 2:30pm till 10:00pm
Tuesday 2:30pm till 10:00pm
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday 2:30pm till 10:00pm
Friday 2:30pm till 10:00pm
Saturday 2:30pm till 10:00pm

Basketball, table games, and 3 internet computers and WiFi are available. 
For information on rental of facility call Walt Williams, Bennie Houston Site Manager at (325) 646-0620.

a) Front Lobby - 28ft x 49ft = 1,372 sq ft
b) Kitchen Area - 17ft x 43ft = 731 sq ft
c) Stage Area - 16ft x 37ft = 592 sq ft
d) Gym Area - 49ft x 99ft = 4,851 sq ft. This facility has a tile floor with two regular 10ft goals and four 8ft goals for the youth.

This facility has one refrigerator/freezer, two ovens, one oven with cook top, two microwaves, and a sound system. It also has banquet tables, plastic chairs, and three computers for youth.                                                                                              

V. Coliseum Annex - 110 South Greenleaf

a) Dining Room - 1943 sq ft
b) Game Room - 1834 sq ft

For information on rental of facility, call Angie Dees, Program Director at 325 646-0550.
VI. Lehnis Railroad Museum - 700 E. Adams

Conference Room (AV Room)  for meetings and conferences we have seating capacity for 65 people 

For receptions, catered events, the AV room can be set up in a variety of configurations, also available are tables, chairs, drop down projector screen, point projector, (laptop not provided) TV, DVD/VCR player

For information or availability for booking call
(325)643-6376 or email

VII. Park Pavilions

a) Allcorn Pavilion - Fourth & Indian Creek
b) Cecil Holman Pavilion - Cordell & Hall Street
c) Coggin I Pavilion - Roselawn & Austin Ave. (closest to Austin Ave)
d) Coggin II Pavilion - Roselawn & Austin Ave. (closest to First St)
e) Festival Pavilion - 3200 Milam Drive
f) Riverside Pavilion - 1100 Riverside Drive
g) Stuart Coleman Pavilion - 600 East Depot                                                                                       
h) Wiggin Pavilion - Victoria & Edwards Street
VIII. Recreation Facilities

A. Camp Bowie Gym located at 3210 Milam Drive and is available for volleyball and Basketball only.