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Core Value Awards Nomination Form 2021

  1. Brownwood
  2. Core Value Awards Nomination Form
  3. Nominate a co-worker for a Core Value Award offered to City of Brownwood Employees. Deadline to submit nomination forms will be Monday, October 18, 2021. Awards will be presented  in November. You may nominate any full-time or part-time City of Brownwood employee in any department. Department Heads and award recipients from the previous years are not eligible for awards. More than one award may be given in each category. If you want to nominate someone for multiple categories, you must submit a separate form for each nomination. Please be as specific as possible when filling out the reason for nomination.  An awards committee will determine the recipients of each award based on submitted nominations. If you have any questions, please contact Amanda Coers at or (325) 646-1637.

  4. **See the Employee Core Values Awards Criteria section below for a description of each award.
  6. Employee Core Values Awards Criteria

    1. Sweet Ride – This award is for an employee who takes pride and care of the vehicle or equipment he/she is responsible for. It is shown in the physical cleanliness of the inside and outside and attention to the preventive maintenance needed. Bonus points for the smell! It does not have to be a newer vehicle, in fact, the older the vehicle, the more TLC needed.
    Core Value: Excellence, Respect

    2. Bright Idea – This is our innovation award. An employee who demonstrates vision by developing an idea to make life better for the citizens of Brownwood or work more efficient for City of Brownwood employees. For example: a streamlined process, new service, creativity.
    Core Value: Service, Vision

    3. Safety First – This award is given to someone who is known for going that “extra mile” regarding safety. Recognition for excellence regarding safety through actions throughout the year or recognition for a specific act that may have saved someone from an injury.
    Core Value: Integrity, Excellence

    4. Service Hero – This award is given to a City staff member who demonstrates outstanding customer service when dealing with the public and internal employees. It is reflected in tone of voice, attitude, and information sharing.
    Core Value: Service, Excellence, Respect, Empathy

    5. Penny Pincher – This award is given to a City staff member who helped save the City money. It may be rehabbing equipment to last longer, efficient use of materials or supplies, or value engineering a project. It may be a large one-time savings or long-term continual impact. The more creative idea, the better.
    Core Value: Integrity, Vision

    6. Good Samaritan – This award is given to an employee who went above and beyond to help someone else with a significant need. It may be as a result of an interaction on-the-job or off-duty. It is usually tied to a specific incident in which the employee invests his/her own time and money with nothing in return.
    Core Value: Service, Empathy

    7. Coach – This award is given to a staff member who excels in training employees, not just in specific job duties, but in overall career development and character. A Coach takes special interest in the person he/she is responsible for.
    Core Value: Integrity, Excellence, Respect, Vision, Empathy

    8. High Five – This is the teamwork award. It goes to a person who is always lifting everyone’s spirits, encouraging them when they are down, and pushing the team to accomplish its goals. This person cares more about the success of the team than their individual preferences.
    Core Value: Service, Excellence, Empathy

    9. Rookie – This award is given to a City staff member who has worked for the City less than two years, and has exceeded expectations. This may be demonstrated in acquiring certifications above what is required, promotion or overall skill level and teamwork. In addition to outstanding performance, the Rookie displays all of the City’s Core Values.
    Core Values: Integrity, Service, Excellence, Respect, Vision, Empathy

    10. Git-R-Done – This award is given to a City staff member who takes initiative and is known for taking care of business. This is shown through high productivity, but must be paired with excellence, safety, and teamwork. It may be demonstrated through contributions outside of their primary job, such as helping a co-worker or another department without being asked.
    Core Value: Service, Excellence, Vision
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