Water and Sewer Taps

Submit separate applications for each tap that is being requested. After an application is made in writing to Development Services Department, it will be reviewed by the Public Works Division for approval. Rates for all taps (water, sewer, irrigation, fire sprinkler) may be adjusted by the Utility Director if unusual circumstances are encountered.

Water Tap Fees

3/4 inch tap               $500
 1    inch tap               $600
Outside city limits – additional $400 per tap.

The rate for taps larger than 1 inch will be determined by the Utility Director based on actual cost to the City at the time of application.

Sewer Tap Fees 

4 inch tap                   $400

6 inch tap                   $500
Outside city limits – additional $400 per tap.

Upon completion of the review process, the application will be returned to Development Services Department. The Development Services Department will call and inform the applicant of fees due (valid for 90 days) for the installation of the tap. 

Click here for tap application.