Tire And Trash Round-Up P.A.S.S.

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The Tire and Trash Round-Up is an event put on for the public to be able to throw away unwanted clutter FOR FREE and without having to go to the landfill. There are Large containers provided for tires, household trash, and scrap metal.  Staff are available to direct and answer questions.

Prohibited Items:

Asbestos Paint, Paint thinners, Etc..
Any oil or oil filters Grease
Car batteries Acid
Pesticides Ink
Light ballasts Tar
Chemicals of any kind Liquids
Gasoline Asphalt Pavements
Sealants Electronics of any kind
Oversized Tractor Tires
  1. P.A.S.S. 2011
  2. P.A.S.S. 2012